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How to Lock your Bitcoins AWAY in a Bitcoin Vault “OFF” of the Internet with the Bitcoin Armory 

Cold Wallet. This is a complete separate Bonus course (16 Video modules) on how to set up a 

Bitcoin Armory Cold Storage Wallet for Maximum Bitcoin Security- Here’s how to “bullet proof” 

you’re Bitcoins and take them OFF the Internet so nobody can steal them! Now you can "partner 

up" with me and use the exact website and training tools I used to “lock” and “secure” my Bitcoins 

OFF the Internet so nobody but myself has access to them. We show you exactly how to set up 

your Armory Btcoin Cold Storage Wallet. In fact, many Crypto Currency experts recommend the 

Armory Btcoin Cold Storage Wallet for Security, versus "hardware wallets" since it is virtually 

impossible to gain access to these Bitcoins once they are stored OFFLINE in “cold storage”.  

With 16 different video modules you will know exactly how to secure all of your Bitcoins in “cold 

storage” so nobody but you has access to them. You can also set up “multiple signatures” to 

order to move your Bitcoins, just like 2 or 3 people must sign a "check" to make it valid.  

All of these trainings are 100% online, so you can access them IMMEDIATELY, 24 hours a day 7 

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